Monday, November 7, 2016

CenturyLink 24 Hour Customer Service Phone Number

Please read the following time line concerning my dispute with CenturyLink over my bill.  As noted, I have already contacted CenturyLink to complain many times about my bill, and most recently, the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Everyone that I have talked to at the 24 hour service number has been polite and has seemed genuine in their desire to help me.

I believe I have been polite and patient through this process. However, kindness has not solved any of the problems. I find it odd that the employees all give me confirmation numbers, and yet the next person I call cannot find any notes.

I am bothered that the woman I spoke to in CenturyLink customer service escalation never called me back, as promised. I am most bothered by the fact that I have been trying to get my bill changed since June. Things your own company has told me would happen have all been lies.

In June, when I started this, I was ready to be done with this; I just didn’t care that much about it. However, after spending so much time on this, and after being promised things would be alright, and  since that time learning that my mother will soon be going on dialysis and they will have to move in with me, I now feel I have a to fight for what I have been promised by your company.

Do you truly feel that your customers are worth this kind of treatment? I hope not. I hate further escalating this. However, if I do not hear from you by November 10, 2016, I will forward my information to the BBB and the FCC. I also plan on calling every news station in the valley to see how they may assist me in this.

Called disconnect services again at CenturyLink and asked customer care to have service disconnected after receiving a bill for $186.73. (Conf. #C46838705) They were nice, told me they could offer me another promotional offer and bring my bill back into the $80 range (total with taxes).

I agreed to do that and keep my service. He said also put in some credits to offset the high bill, including an additional $20, just for my troubles. Called the 24 hour number again after getting a new bill of $186.73 that had obviously not been corrected.

I was told there hadn’t been enough time to show it in the bill that I received, but those changes had been noted, and credits would be given in the next bill and also the adjusted monthly amount of around $80 would be there.

I received another high bill of $186.73. I still had received no credits. I called Retention and Pricing and talked to Larry.  (Ref. #12919486,  Conf. # C49949351) He recalculated the bill and gave a credit. He could not come up with the same price as the previous two agents (I guess this changes month-to-month?).

Told me my total bill would be $117.68, this would be with all taxes. Told me he would give me a credit for $207.15 in my next bill because of all the wrong charges (It did later), and that the bill would also reflect the new prices (it did not). Please note the bill with the bill date of 9/13/2016 has the credit of $207.15, but then still has the new charges of $186.73.

Call to CenturyLink corporate retention and pricing and talked to Jim (employee #AB53831)  (Ref # 129985985198,  Change order #C51755953) Explained to him that this was the 4th time I was calling to straighten out the bill. He said he would bring my bill down to $69.55.

He told me that I could wait a month to make sure it is right, but then I could add auto bill pay and it would save me another $10. With that and added taxes, he said my bill would be a total of $62.00 per month with taxes.

He also talked to his supervisor and told me I would also receive 3 free movie channels. I expressed my appreciation, but also my hesitation that 3 previous people had said changes would be made and they never had. He assured me that all of these changes would be made. They were not.

Called for repair on my internet that was not working. I asked if by chance it had been cut because I hadn’t paid the bill , due on October 5th, because I was told there would be no bill due, only credit. He looked at my bill and said I owed nothing at that time. I was happy because I thought things might have been taken care of finally! By the end of the day, my internet starting working , so I cancelled the next day’s appointment.

Received bill of $300.03. This included last months ($166.31) late charges, and current charges ($185.70). What a shocker, since I was told I had a credit in September, and was told I didn’t have a bill not even two weeks before this. Went into the CenturyLink head office in Mesa and spoke to Lucy. She told me that she couldn’t help me with the bill.

She stated that you only have sales offices, not actual offices with people that you can solve problems. She looked at the bills and charges and credits and couldn’t understand a lot of it. She gave me a number that might give me a better TV rate, but that is all.

I called pricing again and told him some of the problems; he put me on hold to speak to escalation. She got on the phone and listened to my problems and said she would have to look into it and she would call me back tomorrow. I gave her my home and cell phone numbers. She never called back.

I called Pricing again and talked to Kylee. (Conf. #C54481480) I explained my long history, and she, like the others, could find no previous notes. She said she could give me a maximum credit of $150, any higher and she could lose her job.

I told her I believed I was owed more like $384. I came to this price averaging the last 6 months paying the higher amount of $100 (being $600 owed) and me already paying $984.45. I could see her position also, and I told her I would  seek this money from someone higher up.

This did still not solve the problem of my continual large bills.  She could bring my internet down to $22.00 without a contract. The prism could be $63 without a contract. With a contract on prism, she could bring my entire bill down, with taxes to the $85-$95 range.

This is still much higher than a previous 2 quotes, however, better than what I’m paying now. I told her I would be happy to renew a contract, but not until Century Link  could show they could correct my bill and make things right.

I also expressed my concern over being cut off since my bill is now overdue. She gave me the 24 hour customer service, billing and payment number of 1-800-423-8994 and said just to try to pay something on last month’s bill. I called Roxanne at the Arizona Corporation Commission at 602-364-1066. She listened to the story and said she was filing a report.

She stated that Century Link has 5 days to respond to me about this issue. I tried to get on my account to pay bill, had usual problems of it not matching my number. When I called noticed my bill was at least $20 over the bill due that I have for $300.03. I cannot figure out why I was sent one amount, and they have another.

Went ahead and paid the $300.03 so my service isn’t cut, assuming I will get a call within a day or two and get this figured out. So by paying the $300 for 2 months, I believe Century Link owes me at least another $100 on top of the $364 stated earlier.