Sunday, November 13, 2016

Complaint about Mitsubishi Motors Customer Service

I have a complaint about Arian Motor Pooya, Mitsubishi Motors agent in Iran. On September 6, 2016, I bought a Mitsubishi Lancer on a 45-day delivery scheme. Accordingly, the car was scheduled to arrive by November 2, 2016. In response to my curiosity about any potential delays, the dealer reassured me several times that all their customers had so far received their cars 4-5 days before the due date.

As promised, an "invitation" to pay the remaining amount was served to me on October 25, eight days before the delivery date. I still had eight days to pay the remaining amount and, happy that they seemed to have kept their promise, I deposited the remaining amount on October 31, two days before the deadline.

On September 6 when I signed the contract, the dealer said that I would receive the car within two days following the payment of the remaining amount as specified in the "invitation". However, when the invitation was served to me, they said it would take 4-5 days before the car arrived! And then when I deposited the amount, they said it would take 8-10 days.

Last Tuesday -- 8 days after I deposited the remaining amount -- they promised that the car would arrive by Saturday November 12 at the latest. More surprisingly, when I followed up on Saturday, they said my car would arrive the following Saturday, November 29, claiming that there had been a customs issue and that all colors other than white -- the color of my car -- were arriving those days, but that white cars would arrive a week later.

Then I contacted the Mitsubishi headquarters of Arian Motor Pooya in Tehran, and they denied the dealer's claim that all colors other than white would arrive sooner. They said all cars were arriving with a delay. The employee on the line promised that she would call me the day after -- today -- to tell me the exact date when I could expect the car.

Today, I called Mitsubishi customer service several times and no one answered!

Now, what would you suggest? Hoping to receive my car soon, I have sold my old car and now I am on foot! I'd like to have this issue resolved. Thank you in advance.